Virgo / Virgo Rising

Five of Pentacles/
Warbonnet – Advance
With the Eagle’s Eye – my path looks bright, Finding love in darkness and in light, With courage and care, patience and trust, Only take what I need, Only do what I must

Virgos may find the changeable and spontaneous Universal 3 energy of 2019 somewhat chaotic, but there are many blessings in store if we can keep focused on the bigger picture. As Virgo loves all the little details, this can be a challenge, but the year’s start of the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn has given you the grounding energy you need to set your yearly vibe. With Saturn – planet of boundaries and endurance in your 5th House (Pleasure/Romance) any frivolities in love and enjoyment will be taken over by serious commitments – meaning you’ll be serious about enjoying life and finding lasting love. This could bring a reality check for some – if who you choose to share your precious time with is not honouring you as they should. Be vigilant about what is authentic, and what (or who) makes you truly happy. Are you just going through the motions, or is your heart fluttering? Jupiter is also squaring your 7th House (Partnerships/Other) which could bring some challenges, but also bring a spiritual nature to your ideas of love. This will help you let go of any past pain, or tendency toward possession. True Love has freedom AND commitment. Steer clear of martyrdom – don’t sacrifice yourself to a cause - but know that love can be found in challenging and painful situations, as well as in uplifting ones. The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will illuminate areas or people in your life that might need closer examination. This Earthy energy will be a much-welcomed shift after the Watery, emotional spring season. Jupiter stations in your 4th House (Home/Roots) for most of the year, which spells expansion to not only your physical abode, but the root of your Self as well. Deep personal expansion is at hand, and may coincide with a move, or travel. When Mars enters Virgo on August 18th, you’ll be given an extra energy boost, but beware of a tendency toward anger or impatience. Uranus entering Taurus on March 6th is going to globally shift our views on material values, and this could bring up your sense of worry. Use trust in the Divine to navigate these uncertain waters and practice simplicity. When you look at all your blessings, do you really need more? The Five of Pentacles is reminding you that help is always around the corner, and that love and community are a beacon of light during times of strife. When you are feeling left out in the cold, there is comfort available to you, if you can listen. Listen to your heart’s true needs, and not the clinging voice of fear. The Warbonnet symbol reminds you to waste no energy looking backwards, but keep your vision clear. Know that every battle that you’ve endured is now part of your strength – use this in going forward. Aho!