Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

Tower/Coral – Nurturing
An explosion of love, of feeling, and thought The Earth reminds me of the lessons she’s taught, Together, we heal, with courage and care, I create my solutions, and become more aware.

Say hello to 2019 Scorpio! Your magical ability to transform will snuggle up nicely to the Universal 3 Vibes of 2019. 3 is the number of change, creativity – the triangle is a powerful symbol of manifestation, and is the birthing of wisdom. Uranus is also in your 7th House this year (Partnerships/The Other) so be prepared for wild rides, and unpredictable behaviour from others. Yes, Scorpio, this means you may have to give up a little control and let the Watery energies flow as they will, providing a great opportunity for expansion to your sense of boundaries, freedom and creative solutions. Saturn is in your 3rd house (Communication/The Mind) for much of the year, so your voice may feel more stifled than usual. This doesn’t have to be bad news – it means your brain and by-rote patterning is under major construction for the better! To keep frustrations in check, try new forms of communication – writing is an excellent method. Do make sure to save that email in your drafts folder until you’ve thought about it for 24 hours, or better yet, use a pen and save the letter to revisit after a long walk, or a workout session. Chances are some of your emotions may have settled. Mercury won’t enter your sign until October 3rd, so you may want to hold off on making big decisions regarding travel, or transportation until then. If it isn’t possible for you to wait that long, get some advice from a trusted friend, (or Tarot reader) and make sure Mercury is direct. The Full Moon in your sign on May 18th is a beautiful opportunity to shed light on what no longer serves you. Scorpios have a unique talent when it comes to regeneration – with Pluto and Mars ruling your sign, you have a deep need to get to the bottom of things, I like to think of Scorpio as the detective of the underworld! Pluto is the empowering Transformer of the planets, and Mars initiates outward action. Combined? Acting on powerful transformations! Think of all you can do with those powerhouse planets Scorpio! Use the Tower energy to break up your defenses this year, and seek personal growth. Of course, you need a warrior or two, but do you really need the whole army? Use that powerful Scorpion sting wisely. Don’t let the flames of the Tower scare you – bask in the cleansing fire of renewal and let the past wash out. If the emotions start to feel overwhelming, try grounding into the earth – lakes are excellent receptors for you, a Fixed Water sign. If you can’t get to a lake, try a long bath or shower and use the New Moon in Aries on April 5th to start fresh. Use the lesson of Coral to nurture yourself, and reconnect with Mother Earth, especially when you are feeling lonely. Scorpios have a deep receptivity for emotion – the danger comes when you block or inhibit these emotions. Nurturing doesn’t mean pretending everything is well if it really isn’t! Remember, you have to feel to heal. Don’t lose sight of your interconnectedness with All Our Relations – the trees have messages for you. Listen to Mother Earth, and listen to your body to make the most of your glowing transformation! Aho!