Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

Two of Pentacles/
Peyote Ceremony – New Abilities
I dance the dance, between work and play Acknowledging the crack amidst night and day, Other worlds show and tell, how I must grow And keep me humble to mystery, of all I don’t know.

Aim that arrow, dear Archers! Your fiery nature is up for a challenge with the abundance of water in Eclipses and Retrogrades – but fear not! All this emotion and power is expanding your view of yourself, and continuing the alignment of your values that began when Pluto entered your 1st house (The Self/Initiation) 3 years ago. Your ruling planet Jupiter is in your sign until December, bringing unexpected power and luck! Be mindful to share these lucky spells with others, as Saturn in your 2nd house(Values/Possessions) may throw some heavy energy in to your finances, causing the tendency to control and possess. Sharing doesn’t have to be monetary either – where can you share your time, your ears, your heart? Keep an abundant, grateful mindset, and you will start to see just how full your life is, even when the money isn’t exactly where you want it to be. Jupiter squares Neptune thrice this year – and in a Universal 3 year I see that as a magical number for your mystical progression Sag! Just be sure to come into it in your own way, using instinct, dreams, and creativity. Your active nature and thirst for new horizons begs for the growth to happen NOW – practice patience and sit in that place of not knowing. It may be uncomfortable, but you will gain tremendous insight from learning to embrace stillness. Give your heart lots of attention, as Uranus’ move into your 4th House (Home, Family) brings a bit of chaos to your free-wheeling, adventuresome life. For you, this chaos could mean a stalemate, feeling stuck, instead of the forward movement you long for. Listen to your true needs, and practice daily acts of self-love. The comfort you long for within your home and family can be found in your heart, dear Sag. The Two of Pentacles energy urges you to be adaptable, to use balanced thinking to steer your way through rough waters. Keep balancing work and play, and be very honest with yourself this year. What areas of your life are out of balance? With expansive Jupiter as your ruler, you can sometimes laser focus on a subject in your search for higher truth and meaning. Make sure you are seeing the bigger picture as well, and watch out for any feelings of self-righteousness. The Full Moon is in your sign on June 17th – use this light into your subconscious to go even deeper into your inner work. This is the type of work that can’t be shared on Instagram, or Facebook – this is your own private inner garden. The Moon may be particularly useful to you this year in grounding ceremonies, regarding your heart and your emotions. Make use of the Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th to ground into Mother Earth and to illuminate what you’ve been building this year. The Water Bird of Peyote Ceremony reminds you that you are never as limited as you believe you are. Your spirit is immortal and new abilities will come to you as you attack your fears and remove any past denials you may be clinging to. You have the ability to learn, keep opening your mind, and remember not everything needs an answer. All is on its way, dear Sagittarius! Aho!