Pisces / Pisces Rising

Pipe – Prayer/Inner Peace
From deep within I hear the call To honour myself, and my relations – all, I walk in balance, with prayers of peace Then reap the bounty, the glorious feast.

2019 has the potential for massive transformation, globally, but very specifically for you, Pisces, particularly in relation to your thoughts. Your 3rd House (Communications/The Mind) is especially highlighted this year – try playing with your thoughts as action and see what results manifest. Sound tricky? Start off small – go for a short walk and instead of letting your mind drift, focus very clearly on each step. Practice noticing when your thoughts are completely running the show, and laugh it off. As you continue getting to know your thoughts, you can begin to shape them. The 3 Watery Mercury Retrogrades this year have the potential to either speed track your manifestations, or completely submerge them, depending on how you’re able to direct your energy and find your grounding. Use the New Moon in your sign on March 6th to set your intentions of transformation, and hearing your soul’s call – what is your higher purpose, and how can you bring those dreamy visions down to the material plane? Again, baby steps here. Visualization is a great place to start. When your rulers Jupiter and Neptune square on June 16th, you’re able to use that stability to crystalize your visions into reality. Put the pedal to the metal and go for it! Notice who is coming into your life at this time – they may be sent to help you reach your goals! And remember to ask for help, when you need it. Saturn’s sextile of Neptune on June 18th will help bring structure and discipline into your creative plans – helping you take responsibility for your actions. Have you written out your goals? Have you done your research? Be honest and do the legwork. The Judgement card speaks of incredible rebirth for you, if you can accept where you’ve been, and what needs to be done. Try to take the Judgement on yourself lightly! Use the magical 3 step process: acknowledge, forgive and release. Take time to really listen – what you really want may not be what you’ve thought - dig deep and be brutally honest with yourself. Uranus will finally leave your 2nd House (Values and Possessions) on March 6th, so use this extra income boost to foster your own development, and strengthen your bond with a community you feel called to serve. The Pipe card has appeared for your reading Pisces, which is a very powerful symbol of prayer – whatever prayer means to you. Be mindful that the energy you are sending out is coming back to you – every action has a reaction. If you balance and honour your inner world, it will reflect to you in the outer world with glorious gifts. Aho!