Libra / Libra Rising

Ace of Cups/Field of Plenty – Ideas/Needs Manifested
Inside my home, my heart, my soul Myself and Spirit – reach our goal, With thanks and wonder I drop all doubt, Knowing within reflects without.

Oh Dear Libra! You have all the tools for a year filled with steady building, and rapid change – if you can keep your feet on the ground! With 4 Watery eclipses and 3 Mercury Retrogrades in Water signs this could be an emotional year! Take care to tend to your inner flow and inner needs – the transformative aspects present all year will help highlight where we tend to act by rote. In this case, an emotional Libra tends to look to the other first - sometimes at the expense of your own needs and feelings. Time to continue that search within that we began scratching the surface of in 2018 – Uranus goes into Taurus for good on March 6th, bringing cosmic rebel energy to our physical world, signalling major changes and shake ups. Taskmaster Saturn settles into your 4th House (Home, Family) and your 10th (Career/Life Projections) this year, which speaks to a melding or division of the two. You could find yourself inspecting the roots of your chosen career path, the very root of your being, and this can be unsettling. Rather than doubting your talents and abilities (which are abundant, Libra!), use these transits to expand your mindset beyond this plane – explore your spirituality, record your dreams, and leave room for the Great Mystery. Reminder – you don’t need to figure it all out right now. Use the Full Moon in your sign on March 20th to celebrate how far you’ve come in recent years! Spiritual work can be fun too! Venus is in Libra from April 21st to May 14th – the perfect time to refresh your look, take yourself (or your loved one) on a romantic adventure, and enjoy the delight of being you. The Ace of Cups plants the seed for vision work, receiving love, and new creative projects – especially those that incorporate your mystical, psychic side. If the transformative work in regards to your home life or career becomes overwhelming, try visualizing the results you desire. Although fairly at home in the water (we are the O in H2O after all) too much unrestricted flow can send Librans off into the stratosphere. Thankfully, we have Earthy Capricorn energy from the Partial Solar Eclipse that set off the year to ground us. Keep this grounding going by paying attention to Mother Earth – even in the smallest way. Notice the trees, the flowers, the birds – there is a symphony all around you! Even City Libras can see the sky, the grass, the little plants growing out of concrete. Expand your awareness. The Field of Plenty symbolism reminds us that we have abundance waiting for us, if we can keep tending to our soil and stay grateful for all the magical work happening beyond our current view. Your Guides and Ancestors are carving out your legacy, help them grow it! Keep room for surprises, ground into your body when overwhelmed, and practice gratitude to make the most of your awakening in 2019! Aho!