Leo / Leo Rising

Knight of Wands/Rods/
Thunder Beings – Useable Energy
Divine energy at hand, I am electric and new! Putting plans into action, and keeping Love true. With cleansing rain and moving fire, I work towards my heart’s desire.

Leave it to Leo to use the transformative energy of 2019 in such a fiery way! This year speaks of much movement for you Leo, as Uranus (planet of Revolution/Chaos) moves into your 10th house (Honour, Status/Career) on March 6th. This is also the universal transit of Uranus into Taurus, so how you view your finances and material possessions may undergo major changes this year. Saturn cracks the whip in your 6th House (Daily work/Health) lighting a fire in your belly and bringing organization, along with some serious hard work to your day to day routines. All this activity is right up your Fiery alley, especially with Mars in your sign to start the year, until February 13th. You also had the Total Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21st, which illuminated where some changes needed to be made in your physical world – all that growth work makes you keen to start acting come Spring 2019 – go for it Leo! Do be mindful about your daily habits, particularly when it comes to your body – how well is your schedule and diet serving you? Be honest, drop your pride, and make any necessary changes. Use the earthy New Moon in Taurus on May 4th to set some grounding intentions – all that Fire going on may lead to burnout if you don’t take the time to replenish yourself! The Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd might be somewhat chaotic for you. With the Sun (your ruling planet) passing through the Moon’s shadow, deep emotions from your subconscious may surface. Keep your schedule light during this time, and pay attention to any news or messages coming your way. The Knight of Wands/Rods is giving you a push to act on your inspirations this year – take creative risks, and put those plans into action! You may also get some creative assistance from another Leo, or an Aries or Sagittarius in your life (or some sexual energy may arise with one of these signs!) – listen to your instincts, resist the urge to act too quickly, and magic will be made. The Knight brings you the energetic assistance to take on projects that might have seemed too much for you in 2018 - harness that drive this year and look towards the future. The Thunder Beings card is a very beautiful symbol for you, dear Leo, reminding you that if you act with true intentions, with Love at the forefront – you have the power of the Divine assisting you. In a year with so much happening, you may start to feel tired or overwhelmed – remember that you have an electricity within you, that you can call on at any time. Do take care to take cleansing and self-care rituals seriously, as it takes balance to foster growth. Aho!