Gemini / Gemini Rising

Page of Cups/
Counting Coup – Victory
Moving with integrity, truth, and love I am gifted with blessings from high above I open my heart, and celebrate my wins, As I give to community, our healing begins.

The transformational aspects of 2019 will not be missed by you, lovely Gemini, particularly when it comes to your heart. Jupiter (the planet of expansion, growth and higher learning) is in your 7th House (Partnerships/Other) for much of the year. This is a timely aspect, considering Saturn’s strict stay in Sagittarius the past few years, which taught you boundaries and your personal worth. Now that you aren’t settling for less (or trying to please everyone in your Airy Gemini duality), your heart is ready to test the waters of True Love. While this meaning differs for each individual (polygamy, monogamy, whatever it is), the Gemini focal point for transformation is centered around truth and integrity in all partnerships (business included). As the past few years have focused much on your inner work, it’s time to take those blessings outward into your community. How can you share the wealth, both figuratively and literally? Uranus in Taurus this year will help shake up how you view your money and possessions, and I see you becoming more involved in serving the greater good, and benefiting hugely, Gemini. Jupiter squaring Neptune for much of the year may bring the end of illusions, and this can hit hard if you’ve been in denying yourself some hard truths. Use the transit of Mars through your sign (March 30th to May 15th) to harness your personal power, and use that boost of energy to commit to anything you’re passionate about that you’ve been putting off. Venus going into Gemini on June 9th will help soften any discord that Mars might bring about, but before then remember to keep your temper in check, and use compassion when dealing with others in need. The Full Moon in your sign isn’t until December 12th so be sure to give yourself plenty of self-care before then. This Moon will illuminate anything you may have been avoiding over the year, so if you stay true to your heart through the summer and fall, this Moon will be a celebration, rather than a crisis! The Page of Cups energy brings news of love, and tells you to pay special attention to your dreams during this year. Page energy also signals lessons from the youth around you, and reminds you to tap into the energy of your inner child. Watch how freely young children give and receive love, and channel that into your own life. Your Sacred Path card is that of Counting Coup, signalling that victory is in the works! You’ve been taking many steps to live your truth, and heal through discovery of the Self. Continue this forward movement with right action, and you will see heaps of blessings flowing in. Remember that victory is doubled when shared, so pay it forward, and share your bounty with others in your community. Aho!