Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

Knight of Cups/ Medicine Bundle – Allies/
Gifts from above, and strength from below, With courage and vision, I blossom and grow. I act on my dreams and explore from the heart, Giving back unto others, as we each do our part.

Can you feel it coming Capricorn? This is it – an Earthy year with the need for grounding, and with Saturn still in your sign for much of the year– you’re ready to get to work, you Cardinal Earth sign, you! Focusing on personal duty and responsibility comes naturally to you, and this year only amplifies that feeling. However, progress isn’t ever easy, so if you are ready to listen to your soul’s urge, you’ll have to go beyond your comfort zones and get a little messy. Saturn goes Retrograde on April 29th, and won’t be direct until September 18th. You could feel like your progress might be slipping during this time – but don’t worry, the movement is still there, it’s just slowed down a touch. Use this slower moving energy to see that the plans you’ve initiated are stable and sturdy. This is also a great time to check in and see where you can use softness as a tool for growth. Capricorn’s powerful sense of discipline can sometimes have a hard edge – the Full Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in your sign on July 16th will guide you to use your feminine, flowing qualities for expansion. Eclipses can bring a change of direction, especially when in your Sun Sign. If this occurs, listen closely to the messages from the Eclipse, but hold off on any major changes until Saturn goes direct again. It may be uncomfortable for you not to make moves - Cardinal signs are Initiators - but our most immense growth occurs when we are uncomfortable! Those Watery Mercury Retrogrades (particularly the Pisces focused Mercury Retrograde on March 5th, foreshadowing Uranus into Taurus and Jupiter’s April 10th retrograde) will put a spotlight focus on your emotional health, and your physical wellbeing. Take care to listen in and prepare for deep cleansing work – but be sure to hold off on any big emails/announcements/travel plans till Mercury goes direct again. The key suffix in Retrograde is the RE – rethink, reassess, revisit. Your ruling Saturn is in your 7th House (Partnerships/The Other) bringing many happy social engagements – get out there and explore, pursue your dreams! The Knight of Cups brings out your softer, intuitive side, and brings good messages of love! There are invitations of emotional significance all around you now, if you can listen. Use the Transformational 3 Vibe of 2019 to stretch beyond your usual practicalities and take some risks, especially when it comes to love. The Medicine Bundle card reminds you that you have a vast network of support in your Ancestors and Guides. Angels, Guardians, or Totems - whatever you want to call that protective and supportive energy – it doesn’t matter, that strength and guidance is with you on your path. Act with gratitude, and be sure to return the favour by helping others around you when you can. Be mindful of not running on empty however, slow down when you need to, even though you may not feel like taking a break. See yourself clearly and honour your own timing. Aho!