Cancer / Cancer Rising

Queen of Wands/Rods – North Shield – Wisdom/
When I look within to my own power, Ideas and creations begin to flower, Each step a lesson, each day a gift, Grateful as I listen, and continue to grow, and shift.

Grow, baby grow! With 3 Watery Eclipses and no Full Moon in your sign for 2019, it may feel like a slip and slide for some of you – with a big focus on your relationships in all forms – business, love, family. With Saturn still in your 7th House (Partnerships/Other) for much of the year, lessons in the love department are coming your way. There is an invitation here to put in the hard work that will add structure and boundaries in your relationships, with long-lasting results. Stay true to yourself, but be mindful to not cross the line from self-care into selfishness. You have Venus in Cancer for 3 weeks, from April 21st to May 14th, an ideal time to match that inner glow to your outer glow, especially if all that Water has you feeling extra emotional. You deserve some pampering this year and what better time than Venus’ transit through your sign! This happens right before Mars gives you an extra energy boost to prepare you for the New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd. Use that new moon to mediate on the lessons the year has given you thus for, and set your intentions to continue the attitude of gratitude, as these little quizzes will continue right up until Jupiter brings you massive luck in 2020. Be mindful not to harden into your shell with all this transformative work – your sensitivity is a gift, and hiding your feelings will only cause them to burst (probably at an inopportune time). Saturn in Capricorn highlights your sense of duty in your relationships – an energy that is here to stay for the next 3 years. You may find yourself having to face some hard truths about who you allow in your life, and what you want in your collaborations. People may be showing their true colours, particularly around the Lunar Eclipses (January and July). That’s not to say 2019 is all hardships – the Queen of Wands energy reminds you that you have great personal power within. Go after your passions with intuition as your guide, and foster your creative energies with confidence – deep magic is working under the surface. The Queen of Wands knows how to use action with integrity – not acting entirely on her emotions, but in a direct and purposeful way. The symbol of the North Shield is a beautiful reminder to stay grateful as your path unfolds, no matter what challenges the year brings. The North has a quiet, still energy, and urges us to Listen. Listen to Mother Earth, and the creature beings and two-leggeds that live here. What are the animals, the trees, and the people around you trying to communicate? Listen to your heart and your inner compass – the lesson here is knowing when to defend and fight for your truth, and when to forgive and let grow (this was a typo for Let Go, but I liked it so much I decided it should stay!). Staying grateful is the North Shield’s underlying message – it is through this gratitude you will find your connection to the great chain – linking you to eternal source energy and limitless wisdom. Aho!