Aries / Aries Rising

Ace of Wands/Rods/
Whirling Rainbow – Unity/
Wholeness Achieved
With the cleansing rain, I plant the seed Of conscious action – to serve those in need. I take the lessons, with passion and fun, Finding unity with others, knowing we are all one.

Oh dear Aries – you made it! 2018 brought many unpredictable events with Uranus in your sign, (not to mention that Mars retrograde) but as of March 6th – he will be stationing in Taurus, bringing some stability, particularly to your 10th House (Career/Reputation). However, the Saturn Retrograde on April 29th brings karmic lessons from our past. Clean out your closets (metaphorically and literally!) to make the most out of the challenge. You’ll still be receiving some lessons – the dreamy and vaporous Jupiter squaring Neptune early in the year may trigger your Cardinal Fire energy, as certain projects may continue to take their own time to manifest. Have patience, and keep listening to those lessons - why is it that you must wait for something to come to fruition? Are you really ready? Is your intention in the right place? Mediate (or jog, as a more Aries activity) with these questions to apply these lessons to your life. You may feel a need for education to bring you closer to your path – go for it! Learning is still a big theme for you, however it will be more active learning than the deep lessons of last year. This year will bring more passionate action to your sign, as you began 2019 with Mars, your ruler, powerfully entering your sign on New Year’s Eve. Continue with the inner work that began in 2018 to ensure your actions are serving more than just yourself, and heaps of blessings will be falling your way (maybe even some involving world travel!) Saturn in Capricorn will have you focusing on long-term goals, and this requires some patience. The New Moon in your sign on April 5th is the perfect time to set those long-term goals, and make a vow that you will allow them to unfold as they will – no forcing needed! The Ace of Wands speaks of the rising of your consciousness, dear Aries, and of planting the seeds of growth and manifestation. Use this spontaneous energy to transform anything stagnant into the passionate forward movement you desire! Use the creative Universal 3 vibration of 2019 to put art and beauty into your projects, and include others of like-minded interests to produce magical alchemy. The Whirling Rainbow is a beautiful symbol to remind you that the cleansing rain brings us clarity and beauty. Use the vibrancy of the rainbow to remove any discord in your friendships and family – with compassion and integrity. This is also a reminder to not go it alone, fiery Aries! Unite with your community, and see what you can give back, to receive deeper messages from your Higher Self. Aho!