Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

Six of Cups/Power Place – Earth
I stand in my Power Renewed and Reset, Remembering my needs will always be met. With the joy of a child and eyes that are new, I play and create, for me and for you.

If 2018 was meant to shake you to awake you, dear Aquarians, 2019 is the time to put that waking dream in motion – time to find your place and stand tall! Networking will be a big plus for your career this year – so attend those events that call to your soul. Be sure they are truly meaningful to you, as Jupiter in Sagittarius may have you feeling the need to answer every call, and explore every option. This sense of adventure is wonderful, but could lead to burn out if you don’t prioritize your needs. Pay attention to when you need to slow down, particularly through the Saturn Retrograde of April 29th to September 18th. This period will have you inspecting where you need closure, and what needs to be let go of. Focus on any bad habits – be they physical such as smoking, emotional such as holding onto anger, or spiritual. Maybe you are rebelling against your true needs in order not to get boxed in? Examine habits in all forms this year – and be diligent with yourself. As a Fixed Air sign, you have the beautiful ability to navigate the Earthy and Watery transits of 2019 with ease and grace – just be sure you don’t get too fixed on perfectionist ideals. Leave room for some magic! Your perceptions are heightened, and with Saturn as your ancient ruler, you’re able to lay down some foundations without getting too weighed down by the details. In fact, the seriousness of Saturn balances the creative and transformation Universal 3 vibe to help you do your deep inner digging work, while still letting your Aquarian wild child play freely on the material plane. Use the Full Moon in your sign on August 15th to shed light on anything holding you back from the past. Let it go, then celebrate! The Six of Cups reminds you to indulge in childlike enjoyments – possibly a difficult task, as Saturn in Capricorn’s sense of duty weighs on you for the next 3 years. Give and play with the freedom of a child - sometimes laughter is the best way to get to know our inner selves! The nostalgic energy of this card also asks you to tend to anything from your past that plagues you– but do so with compassion and friendship for yourself. Do note the Saturn conjunction of the North Node on May 20th – there is a karmic element at play here and very likely some supernatural events that can send that big brain whirling! Use the Power Place card’s energy to call up the great power of the Earth Mother when things get intense. Where in your world do you feel most electric? It can be as simple as a yoga studio, or your favourite coffee shop window – find that place that empowers you. Use that Power Place to fuel your creative abilities, and foster your talents. You have the power to manifest all you need, if you work with the Elements and not against them. And remember to leave room for grey areas – not everything needs an explanation! Aho!